About Us


Established in 1975, Doctor's Friend Medical Instrument Co., Inc., is the only professional production and marketing company in Taiwan that researches and develops, designs, manufactures, and markets suction units and hospital equipment. Doctor's Friend Medical Instrument Co., Inc., was created with the intention to enhance the quality of medical care and diligently safeguard patient health.

After the company gradually accumulated technology and experience, numerous well-known traders came to consult and cooperate with the company, performing manufacturing and OEM services and joining forces to market the products across the globe. For almost 30 years, Doctor's Friend Medical Instrument Co., Inc., has accumulated rich experiences in design, manufacturing, and even research and development. Thus, the trademark DOCTOR'S FRIEND was born.

All of the components and source materials, from the machines' outer shells to the interior pumps, are molded and produced in Taiwan according to the research and design of the company. We expect that medical equipment manufactured 100% in Taiwan can be used throughout all corners of the globe, benefitting all people and becoming doctors' most trustworthy and indispensable instruments.

The principle of operating value

Safety First.

Best Quality.

Forever Service.

DOCTOR'S FRIEND Medical ins. Co., Ltd. Company Organization Chart


Technology R & D department is our key unit and responsible for development, research, design and innovation of products. Periodical educational training enhances our products' inspection, control, manufacturing process, development & research and after-sales service to meet the satisfaction of customers.


Inspection and storage of raw materials are well controlled by computer. We have a good warehouse for storage and periodically examine storage & check quantity of materials.


Under fully quality testing procedure (starts from the material import to the manufacturing and till final product life testing), with all these testing equipment could extend the product life cycle by improved the quality from the material.


approved by CE certificates, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and GMP.