DF-350A Mobile Suction Unit DF-350A Mobile Suction Unit DF-350A Mobile Suction Unit DF-350A Mobile Suction Unit DF-350A Mobile Suction Unit DF-350A Mobile Suction Unit
Aspirator Aspitation Surgical and Gynecology Suction Unit


Mobile Suction Unit

Awarded Taiwan Excellence 2020

The outer shell of DF-350A Surgical & Gynecology suction unit adapted by ABS material. Clear simple lines and nice-looking appearance create a new enjoyment for users.
Humanized design with outstanding technology impressed users in medical institutions, clinics, nursing homes and health care facility.


The vacuum pressure may be easily read through the vacuum gauge.

The suction bottle is made by PC which is reusable and autoclavable. It features with carrying handle which is easy to lift and transport.

360° moving caster with locking brake features easy movement and high safety.

The fastening rack installed at side of machine for hanging suction tube.

Surgical suction function features with smaller caliber which is ideal for general vacuum.

Obstetrical suction function features with both small and large calibers. It is ideal for doing artificial abortion by using bigger caliber. Smaller caliber can be used to suck baby out with suction cups.

Surgical & OBS. Select Valve on the panel can be switched. Two functions features in one machine is convenient and time efficient.

The fan installed at the back of machine helps to reduce the heat.

The machine equipped with foot switch, user may choose manual or foot control.

The floating control may fully prevent overflow by any angles, and the angle pipe may lead the water fluently.


Flow rate

80 L/min


Vacuum pressure

>650 mmHg



3000 c.c. + 3000 c.c.


Machine weight



Machine size

L45 x W35 x H84 (cm)


Packing size

L54 x W44 x H96 (cm)

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