Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit
Aspitation Aspirator Suction Machine


Portable Suction Unit

DF-760A Portable Suction Unit is the medical device that is primarily used for removing obstructions — like mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions from a person’s airway.
When the patient is unable to clear secretions by themselves, DF-760A Portable Suction Unit helps them breathe by maintaining a clear airway.


Simplicity of design to enhance safety and hygiene.

Low noise emission reduces disturbance in the medical environment or at the patient’s bedside.

Easy to transport due to light weight and carrying handle.

The PC collection bottle may prevent high heat and also autoclavable.

The capsule shaped floating control can fully prevent overflow by any angles and the angle pipe may lead the fluid in smoothly.

Single or twin bottle design provide more options for users. Twin bottle design offers larger capacity and also saves more time on cleaning.


Flow rate

35 L/min


Vacuum pressure

>650 mmHg



1500 c.c. x 2 pc


Machine weight

7.5 kg


Machine size

L30 x W28 x H40 (cm)


Packing size

L41 x W36 x H37 (cm)

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