Portable Suction Unit

Portable suction unit is the machine for patients in need of airway suctioning. A completed series of portable suction units in different flow rates and capacities which may provide immediate relief and comfort.


Mobile Suction Unit

Mobile Suction Units are designed for use in hospitals, clinics and medical practices. Easy to move and save more times on medical procedure which is the prime medical suction pump for all suctioning needs.


Treatment Unit

A space-saving arrangement of all components the Treatment Unit can be fully equipped with vibration-free high performance surgical suction unit, compressed air unit and LED light source. It is a full functionality despite its small dimensions.


LED Light

LED lights are therefore suitable for use in healthcare facilities and very effective in improving medical diagnosis of patients.


Vacuum Pump

DOCTOR’S FRIEND has been manufacturing top-quality medical, surgical and laboratory vacuum pumps in Taiwan for over 4 decades. It is a specialized piece of equipment used in DOCTOR’S FRIEND suction unit.


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