DF-760C Mobile Suction Unit DF-760C Mobile Suction Unit DF-760C Mobile Suction Unit
Aspitation Aspirator Movable Suction Unit


Mobile Suction Unit

DF-760C Movable Suction Unit is the mobile medical device that is primarily used for removing obstructions — like mucus, saliva, blood, or secretions from a person’s airway.
When the patient is unable to clear secretions by themselves, DF-760C Movable Suction Unit helps them breathe by maintaining a clear airway.


The whole outer shell of machine is made of ABS plastic injection.

The aspirator is installed by oil-less vacuum pump which is low noise and easy to maintenance.

The floating control may fully prevent overflow by any angles.

The second safety device is to prevent suction pump from overflow.

The storage box is equipped at the back of the machine which is easy to collect tubes, disposable items and other accessories.

Stainless steel constructs the whole trolley. The moving casters with locking brakes are the safety concern.


Flow rate

35 L/min


Vacuum pressure

>650 mmHg



3000 c.c. x 2 pc


Machine weight

15 kg


Machine size

L40 x W40 x H88 (cm)


Packing size

L52 x W45 x H71 (cm)

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