Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit Portable Suction Unit
2020 Taiwan Excellence Aspirator New Product


Portable Suction Unit

Awarded Taiwan Excellence 2020

DF-770 Portable Suction Unit provides reliable high vacuum for a variety of applications in hospitals, clinics and medical practices.
DF-770 is a truly innovative and uniquely designed medical suction unit, offering new standards of hygiene, ease of use and low noise levels.


The outer shell is made by ABS plastic injection.

Easy to transport due to light weight and carrying handle.

The built-in type collection bottle design saves more space.

The PC collection bottle may prevent high heat and also autoclavable.

The floating control can fully prevent overflow by any angles.

The angle pipe may lead the fluid in smoothly.

Simplicity of design to enhance safety and hygiene.

The cooling fan installed at the back of the machine helps to prevent the heat and makes machine durable.


Flow rate

40 L/min


Vacuum pressure

>650 mmHg



1500 c.c. x 1 pc


Machine weight

5.0 kg


Machine size

L34 x W17 x H40 (cm)


Packing size

L37 x W25 x H35.5 (cm)

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