How to set up the suction machine?

1. Wash and disinfect your hands.
2. Turn on the suction machine and connect the connecting tubes.
3. Connect a sterile suction catheter to the connecting tubes.
4. Use sterile or distilled water to rinse the catheter and test the machine’s functioning.
5. Insert the catheter into the tracheostomy tube carefully. Ideally the length of the catheter and the tracheostomy tube must be the same. 
6. Place your thumb over the suction vent and remove it within 5-10 seconds. 
7. Allow the patient to rest and resume the suctioning if required. 
8. Delivery oxygen to the patient if needed. 
9. Once the procedure is over, turn off the machine and discard the catheter. 
10. Clean the suction bottle with pouring water after the procedure is done. 

Article Update: 2023.11.16