How to use suction machine?

Suction pump work on the principle of negative pressure which creates a vacuum effect to pull out mucus, saliva, blood from a person’s airway.

To create this negative pressure, several components of the suction machine work in conjunction.

These include:
• Vacuum pump, which causes the negative pressure
• Connecting tubes, which connect the pump to the collection canister.
• Sterile patient tube that carries the secretions into the collection bottle.
• Some water can be put in the suction bottle for easy wash but the chemicals are prohibiting from putting into the bottle to avoid breakage.
• Filters, which prevent the inner parts of the suction machine from getting contaminated by bacteria, dust, and gases.
• Plug in the power cord to run the machine. 

Once all these parts portable machine setup has been done, you may start using the machine.

Article Update: 2023.11.16